START - Go through a simple registration. The first thing to do after registration is to set up personal settings for your account in the settings section. After registration, all participants receive as a bonus 1 USD to their balance. Next, you need to choose a strategy, whether you will play with investments or without investments. Familiarize yourself with all sections of the project and choose your own earning strategy. Each section has a detailed description of the section, how it works and what income it brings to the player.
SETTINGS - intended for security settings and setting payment details of a personal account. To receive payments of earned funds, you must first set a personal PIN Code, after setting the Pin Code, you must set your numbers of payment wallets to which you will withdraw your earnings. Unnecessary payment systems can be blocked on your own to increase the security of your personal account. Also in the settings you can change your personal password from time to time to enter your personal account.

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The game has many ways to earn money without investment. To do this, you just need to be active. Sections for earning without investments are: PTC VIEWS - an easy way to earn money without investments directly for payouts by browsing advertisers` websites.
USD FAUCET - In this section, you can collect USD every hour absolutely without investment to buy a new car, or improve your car. You have the opportunity to win a prize of up to 100 USD on every try every hour.
MINING IN USD - press the "START MINING" button and do not close the page, which will open in a new tab. For the fact that the tab will be open, you will receive 0.005 USD per hour (0.12 USD per day) to buy a car or to buy an improvement for your car.
OFFERS - A section where you can earn and save up to buy a new car by viewing various advertising sites, videos, completing tasks and taking simple surveys.
YOUTUBE - You can record and publish on your YouTube channel a detailed video review of our project, and receive up to 50 USD to buy a new car or to buy an improvement for your car.
BONUS SYSTEM - You can receive bonuses for buying a new car three times a day at different intervals.

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CAR SALON - you have a choice of racing cars that, after purchase, will bring you income. Each car has its own unique income economy and all cars distribute income differently, between purchase and withdrawal balances. Cars don`t have a lifespan. Any car can be bought without restrictions on the number of purchases. After the purchase, in the "My car park" section, you can improve your cars with Upgrades.
UPGRADES - Your car park contains all your purchased racing cars. All your cars are equipped with boosters (Upgrades). Boosters can be purchased randomly. Accelerators allow you to increase the income received, contributing to the faster profit of the player (your profit). Also, in the section in the "My car park" section there is an income counter. Click on the "Collect" button and the income will be automatically distributed among the balances of your account, according to the conditions of the purchased cars.

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DEPOSIT - The game balance is replenished automatically. Choose a convenient system for replenishment from the presented payment systems, specify the amount of replenishment, click on the button replenish. Then follow the instructions of the payment system until the payment is successfully completed. Funds for the balance of purchases in the game are automatically received after the successful completion of the replenishment.
WITHDRAWAL OF EARNINGS - The payment of earned funds occurs in a semi-automatic mode. This means that after the order, the system checks your payment and sends it to your wallet in order of priority. The maximum payout waiting time is 12 hours. Please note that there are no restrictions on the withdrawal of earned funds in the project. Everything that you have earned in the project can be withdrawn without any problems, even if you earn by playing without investments.

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REFERRALS - Invite your friends to the project, or simply by advertising the project with your referral link and earn. Anyone who follows your referral link and registers will automatically become your referral. Affiliate remuneration provides for several types of partner awards:
From INVESTMENTS → 10% to the balance for withdrawal
From USD FAUCET → 25% for the purchase of a new car
From PTC VIEWS → 20% on the purchase of a new car
From MINING → 15% for the purchase of a new car
From OFFERS → 10% for the purchase of a new car
REFBACK - You can set a refback for your partners, from 0% to 100%. Refback is the amount that you want to return to your partners from the amount that you received through the affiliate program. Example: your partner topped up the balance by 100 USD. For this, you received a reward of 10 USD from our system. If you place a 50% refback, from a reward of 10 USD, 5 USD will automatically return to your partner, and you will receive 5 USD instead of 10 USD.

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